The rookie duo of Fred Couples and Tommy Armour III

I know what you’re thinking. Fred Couples and Tommy Armour III rookies? They must be about 50 years old. They are rookies on the champions tour. The champions tour is completely different from the regular tour because the rookies are always better than the veterans. This is because the rookies have experience from the PGA tour and they can still bring their backswing back to parallel. Just look at Fred Couples. He can still bomb it 300 yards. Don’t belive me. look at his champions tour stats. he has played in 2 tournaments and his results in those tournaments was 2nd and 1st. As For Armour III, he too has played extraordinary. He hasn’t won, yet, but he finished in the top 10 in all the tournaments he played. Fred Couples and Tommy Armour III are both the future of the champions tour.


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One Response to “The rookie duo of Fred Couples and Tommy Armour III”

  1. GeorgeC Says:

    It’s good to see that there is a place to showcase PGA pros that are past their prime, but still provide great entertainment for golf fans. If the sport were Over-50 Pole-Vaulting, however, our standards would have to be a little “lower”.

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