Me vs. Callaway Golf

Here is a letter I wrote to Callaway Golf regarding the discontinuing of  Ben Hogan club manufacturing.

Dear Callaway Golf,

I have previously written to you about the Ben Hogan situation. I still have my doubts about stopping the manufacturing of Hogan clubs. I may sound like I am complaining, but I am trying to help you. Hogan was always a good company. They were not as successful as you are right now but always made good clubs. You will get more money if you bring back Hogan clubs. More money could help every company, especially in this bad economy. Another reason to bring back Hogan clubs is it will enhance your reputation. Many young golfers don’t know about Bobby Jones, Byron Nelson, and Ben Hogan. They don’t know about the greats of the game. They only know about Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, who are great golfers but kids need to know about the greats. You will be known as the company who educated the kids and who cares about history. Start manufacturing Hogan clubs and you will improve both your financial state and your image.


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One Response to “Me vs. Callaway Golf”

  1. Don Clark Says:

    Keep up the good work on spreading the word on Ben Hogan – the man, the player and his clubs.

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