My prediction for Phil’s 2010

March 6, 2010

Phil Mickelson had high expectations coming into the 2010 season because he had finished so strongly in 2009 wining 2 tournaments out of his last 3. I think he will live up to the hype. I think he will win 2 majors, The Masters and U.S. open. Yes, the U.S. open. The tournament he has finished 2nd in 5 times but has never won. It is being held in Pebble Beech,California. California is Lefty’s home state so I think he will perform well there. By the end of the year he will have won 2 majors, the FedEx cup, 1 FedEx cup playoff event, 1 WGC(world golf championship) event, 4 regular PGA tour events, and will have taken over the spot as #1 in the world. He has high expectations but I think he will answer the call.


The Tiger Woods situation

March 6, 2010

I have to write about this topic because you can’t write about golf and not write about tiger woods. As for my opinion on whether he should come back and if so, where, is that he definitely should not come back at a major. There will be too many media personnel and fans surrounding him he will seem like a mouse surrounded by a charging herd of wildebeests. Even though the Masters is private and only certain members are allowed in  to watch it will still be too much for him to handle. I think he should come back at The Memorial Tournament, because Jack Nicklaus, the tournament host, will mentor him. Also he is the defending champion, and it is 2 weeks before the U.S. open which will be good for him to warm up before the hardest tournament to win in the world.Next, I did get the expression that his apology was sincere, even though it was hidden behind his mask of seriousness. I do not view him as a role model anymore though. even if he is a saint after this and does nothing wrong, I will still know him as a cheater. Not in the game of golf, but in the game of life. And I don’t mean the board game.

Mahan’s Success at Scotsdale

March 5, 2010

Hunter Mahan won last week at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Sadly no one will remember the great shots he pulled off coming down the stretch, like the great putt he made at 16. Every one will remember Rickie Fowler’s lay up at 15, which is too bad for Mahan because know one gives him any respect. I somewhat understand the hype over Fowler, a fast player with an aggressive swing but even if he didn’t lay up they still would have been tied. If they had gone to a playoff I think Mahan would have won anyway because of his experience with playoffs. Mahan won his only event previously, The Travelers Championship, in a playoff. Fowler also was in a playoff but he didn’t come out victorious. So, media, stop bugging Fowler and show some respect to the champion, Hunter Mahan.