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Please Come Back Annika!!!

March 16, 2010

Please come back Annika Sorenstam. She has been missing for 2 years now and th your needs her. She is arguably the best LPGA tour player ever, best golfers of all time, and one of the greatest sports figures of all time. She has won 90 overall events that includes LPGA tour, LPGA european tour, and other tours and events. She has also won 10 majors and is a world golf hall of fame member. The LPGA tour is in some tough economic times right now. Commissioner Whan has done a fantastic job raising awareness for this underrated tour. But the resume that I just gave you would help the LPGA tour so much I can’t even explain. It will be like Tiger’s return to golf. It will be colossal. Some say she won’t have the energy to play well and if she doesn’t play well then she won’t help the tour. personally, I think she has the game to play. Even if she is 50% of what she was she will be a good player. I recently saw her on The Golf Fix as a guest and she still had a perfect swing. The tempo is still the same and the smoothness of the swing  is superb. It is just such a simple swing. No octopus falling out of a tree, reference to jim Furyk’s swing.  My final point is that she is a great sports figure. She has the talent and determination to win. She is as focused as Ben Hogan with the kindness of Arnold Palmer. She has been a great player and person. She is no Tiger Woods. You can see that in the picture I added. see that smile. That is no fake smile like most of Tiger’s. That’s right Tiger I know your other secret In the movie Tin Cup the is a character who is a golfer who seems to be a great person and does lot of things for charity just to get his name in the paper and look like a good person. Annika is not like that. She doesn’t do it for the name and the look. She does all those charity events and donates to charity for the feeling of doing something good.  Please come back Annika, the tour needs you, the sport needs you, the world needs you to be a part of sports itself. Sports need a role model and you are the perfect one to be that person.


The Struggles of American Women Golfers

March 7, 2010

Recently, The Americans on the LPGA tour have struggled. There are only 5  Americans in the top 25 players in the world. No one pays any attention though because it isn’t the men’s tour. Here’s another shocking statistic. Last year there were only 3 American’s to win on the LPGA tour. Maybe that’s why we americans never think of a woman when we hear the word athlete. There are only 3 major women’s sports basketball, Golf, and Tennis. when Americans are struggling no one seems to care anymore.

Ai Miyazato wins 2 in a row

March 6, 2010

Ai Miyazato won the first 2 tournaments on the LPGA tour. Now before everybody starts calling her the next Mickey Wright, Kathy Whitworth, or Annika Sorenstam i would just like to say she won’t win every tournament this year, and probably won’t have a lot more either. The bears are coming out of hibernation. Both Suzann Pettersen and Lorena Ochoa are warming up and will start going on their own win streaks. I don’t dislike Miyazato or anything like that, actually I will root for her to continue the streak, but once the streak is over and some one else wins no one will even remember what she did, which is too bad because she could become a good player on tour.