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The Bear Trap

March 8, 2010

Yet Again the Bear trap has claimed many victims this Honda Classic. If you didn’t see any of the blunders let me give you some examples. Vijay Singh hit the ball in the water at 15, 3 putted 16, and 3 putted 17. He finished with a bogey on every hole of the bear trap in the final round. Nathan Green hit the ball in the water on 17 but decided that it was still playable. It took him 3 shots to get out of the water and made a triple bogey. There were around 400 balls in the water and the three holes all played over par.


Villegas wins The Honda Classic

March 7, 2010

Camilo Villegas won the 2010 Honda Classic by a landslide. This is an important win to him for 2 reasons. First of all, the Honda is held in Florida. Villegas went to University Of Florida. Also, he hasn’t won since 2008. He played well last season but was never able to finish. Vijay Singh was tied for 2nd overnight and was still in contention coming into The Bear Trap(holes 15-17). Sadly, his tee shot into 15 went in the water.  He then 3-putted both 16 and 17 to put the nail in the coffin.